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The Rover-Lander
We all know Ray wood – or at least you should know who he is – and what he’s done not only for the BC & Canadian Land Rover community, but also for the global Land Rover community.  He’s a Businessman, Entrepreneur, Inventor, Teacher, Adventurer, Explorer, World Traveler and now a Novelist!

Having known Ray Wood for years as a product developer, parts provider to the Land Rover community as well as a world traveler, I was surprised to discover a novelist was hidden in there too!  There is no question that he has woven his experiences on the road, and his imaginings while driving endless hours across the world’s continents into a story of intrigue.  I found myself keeping an eye out for Geraldine while out on my last drive – which resulted in my constant itch to embark on a long adventure!  While this is Ray’s first novel, it is a compelling read that is hopefully the start of what will become a great series.  No doubt there is a vast reservoir of experiences just waiting to take form as characters travelling the roads of this planet.

I did purchase your book and I did read it non-stop and found it pretty interesting.  Probably reminded me of a few years working in South America.  A good read!

Although it's a bit hard to imagine, based on the premise of the story, that much of an interesting tale could be woven here, it turns out to be quite a captivating chronicle. It is a must read for anyone who has had a similar experience or drives a land rover. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

You had me by page 15 “A new-looking Land Rover with a canvas canopy pulled up in the loading area”.  It reminded me of our adventures to China Head.  And from there I couldn’t put it down.  I loved that the protagonist was a hopeless romantic as well as a Land Rover fundi.  It put a smile on my face many times.  I’m now totally inspired to rebuild your 101 and my 88.  Now I’m thinking we should do a trip to Africa once the expedition vehicles are completed.  Outstanding novel Ray, you are a literary genius.

I just started reading your novel and am enthralled with the characters.  Hard to not see the parallels between reality and fiction.  So intriguing.  A must read for any Land Rover expeditioner as well as someone like me who just enjoys a great novel.

OMG!  Love the end of Chapter 8!  Loved your book! 

If you've ever watched a battered Landy clatter past you--or more likely, you passed it--and found yourself wondering about the places its seen and the adventures it's had, this is the book for you. The hunt for Geraldine (and its enigmatic driver) is a gripping read, but also a meditation on life's twists and turns and a reminder that you had better enjoy the journey since you can't always be sure where it's headed.

A fun read with plenty of evocative descriptions of the various countries traversed by the Land Rover.  Love the authors’ decision to have foot notes describing what happens to various characters when they are no longer part of the story.  Would definitely recommend it.

A fun and entertaining low-speed chase filled with twists and turns through Africa. This yarn will appeal to fans of adventure travel, Land Rovers and good stories. Enjoy!

I don't normally spend a great deal of time reading, but when I picked up this amazing piece of literary genius, I was still reading it at 3:00 am and about halfway through already!  A most enticing and addictive story, with unusual twist of adventure and love along the way, I found myself eager to know who this Sarah Oakes really was and as it turned out, a most captivating lady to be sure. If you like adventure mixed with a love story don't miss this opportunity, and if you are a Land Rover buff even better!  Don't miss this gem.

A must read for any Rover faithful, overland adventurer, or reader that simply loves a weave of character development and mystery. Geraldine is the name of a 1958 Land Rover Series II 109 en route from England to Africa. Sarah Oakes is Geraldine's owner. The parallels between Geraldine and Sarah are artfully penned through their temperamental nature, rugged authenticity and challenging personalities.  A thoroughly enjoyable adventure/mystery/love story.


Alyn Edwards, a classic car enthusiast and partner in Peak Communicators:

This review, published in The Vancouver Sun, DRIVING, December 9, 2016, is abbreviated.

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In January of this year, after 68 years, Land Rover discontinued production of the Defender, the direct ancestor of the Land Rover that has a central role in the novel.

The novel follows Land Rover adventure magazine writer Giles Jackson on a very different assignment. He is contracted by the Ford Motor Company, which owned Land Rover for a number of years, at a time the company plans to introduce an entirely new Land Rover model at the Detroit Auto Show.

Ford and Land Rover want to feature the very first Defender-type vehicle ever built alongside the new model at the show to illustrate the evolution of the design and engineering.

Jackson easily traces the special 1958 model to a British owner who has loved it for years. But problems arise when he discovers the Land Rover had been purchased by a beautiful British soon-to-be divorcee who leaves no forwarding address as she heads out on an open-ended trip through Europe and Africa in the classic Land Rover named Geraldine.

The search takes many turns in the road, including those leading through war-torn North Africa, encounters with lions, elephants and rhinos in national parks and at the famous Victoria Falls.

This is a great read for anyone who loves Land Rovers and adventure mysteries.

The novel’s back cover inscription reads: ‘Stalking Geraldine is a tribute to the several generations of engineers who designed, built and refined this model. These creative men and women share the admiration of countless adventurers whose lives are richer for visiting wild places driving their contraptions.’


Jan Degrass, Arts & Entertainment Writer, Coast Reporter:
Stalking Geraldine, a novel by Ray Wood, is an engaging book that will appeal to diverse readers: to the armchair adventurer who has always dreamed of trekking across Africa in a fitted out Land Rover, or to gearheads who fathom the intricacies of the vehicle’s moving parts, and it will definitely appeal to those who fancy romance on a road trip.  Wood, who is an engineer and inventor currently living in West Vancouver, clearly knows Africa well and could probably fix Land Rovers with one hand tied.  The story follows writer Giles Jackson who accepts a plum assignment: he is to track down a ruggedly elegant Land Rover called Geraldine, a classic of its kind, because the vintage vehicle is to be shown alongside a newer model at a prestigious car show. Giles must buy it from its current owner, Sarah Oakes, if he can find her, since she is driving across Africa, leaving no forwarding address. Giles does some amateur sleuthing in England (the book uses British punctuation and spelling style, which might jar at first), and he finally sets off to the Dark Continent. While he hunts for the woman, he builds up a complex picture of the enigmatic Sarah based on information from her ex-lovers, friends, mechanics and even Horatio, her cat.  The book reads slowly at first, but comes alive when it hits Africa. If you’ve ever wondered how to fix your vehicle’s water pump while in a war in Eritrea or pondered how to winch a van out of muddy water, then this book is for you.

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