A Novel

© copyright Ray Wood
© copyright Ray Wood


            Persons driving in Africa should provide themselves with good maps. While most of the African locations described in this book are real, I have taken some liberties with geography. You must find your own empty spaces and leave mine undisturbed.

            This is a work of fiction. The names of the characters and the incidents that take place are products of the author’s imagination.

            The Land Rover vehicle depicted in this story is a Series II model 109 station wagon produced in England by the Rover Company in 1958. Since that year, ownership of the Land Rover brand has changed many times, including to Leyland Motors, British Aerospace, and BMW. Within the time frame of this story the brand was owned by Ford Motor Corporation. The present owner (2016) is Jaguar Land Rover a division of the Indian Corporation Tata Motors. None of the above corporations have endorsed this fiction.