A Novel

© copyright Ray Wood

© copyright Ray Wood


            Writing Stalking Geraldine would have been difficult without the help of a number of generous people. These include:

            Old Africa hand Neil Podmore who once broke a Bedford lay shaft in the Ngorogo Crater. Zimbabwean ex-pat and 6 cylinder fanatic Philip Goodall who has shovelled the Maun sand track. Overland Expedition Fundi Paul Marsh. Cartoonist Tom Grogg on whom I inflicted the first draft of this yarn. Oenophile Jamie Cowel who drives one of Geraldine’s siblings. Gerry Hogan who knows how to pummel a manuscript and editor Cathy Morton who inserted most of the commas. Clinical Counsellor Suzanne Kyra who yelled ‘Publish’ and diagnosed the sickness of my putative parliamentarian and Psychologist Gordon Cole who put aside his Guitar to prescribe treatment. My ever optimistic daughter Shelley Wood who not only gave constructive criticism and encouragement but slept on the ground in Hwange National park despite the lions and the missing perimeter fence. My publisher William Gelbert who loves beautiful books. Author Marina Sonkina whose work is an inspiration. Thanks too, to the many people who helped us on our African travels, allowed us to camp in their bomas and reassured us we were mad but not completely crazy.